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August 28, 2018
Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to buy a copy of Shades from us just shoot us a pm here or send us an email at coiledaroundthyspine@gmail.com! Rock on!!

June 15, 2018
Hello folks!! Here we have a complete rebuilt website with pics, videos, links to our facebook/twitter/youtube profile and some good fucking death metal!! Check it out!!


Shades (Limited Edition) August 2018

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SHADES Trailer Videoclip

[God Mode: ON] Guitar Playthru Video

Shortly About

Coiled Around Thy Spine is an American-Italian melodic death metal band, born when Sergio (guitars) met David (drums) on a well known drummers' forum.

Sergio asked David if he would be interested in playing some drum parts on a couple of his new instrumental songs: when he heard the demos, David was very keen to be involved and brought that enthusiasm to his drum parts, which were recorded in a couple of weeks during a brutally cold winter in New York.

Once complete, he sent the tracks to Sergio, who was absolutely blown away by David's work.
The result was so amazing that the guys thought it would be cool to expand beyond the initial instrumental idea, and decided to rework some parts so they could add vocals to the tracks. They recruited Daniele, a talented death metal singer from Turin, to finish what became the first full-length record: 'Shades'.
Unfortunately, David decided to quit the band for personal reasons before the release of Shades.

Recorded, mixed and mastered between September 2017 and January 2018 in Turin (Italy) and New York, 'Shades' is an astonishing combination of brutal violence, shredding guitar solos, blasting drums and soaring vocals, inspired by classic death metal and new metal masterpieces alike. 'Shades', the first full length record from Coiled Around Thy Spine will be released digitally worldwide in April 2018 and will be released in a physical format in a limited edition for the Japanese market thru Invasion of Solitude Records.

Coiled Around Thy Spine is:
Daniele Rosso – Vocals
Sergio Costa – Guitar, Bass